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For years, there has been a debate about benefits of pursuing education via Distance Learning mode. While there are many students who feel that pursuing Distance Education programmes give them ample time to work and study together. These students feel that they can study anytime of the day at their own convenience. It is for this reason that many professionals are also pursuing professional courses via distance learning mode. In addition to this, we do allow the students with the privilege of Face to Face course structures that are far away from the cons of distance learning and benefit you with the equal advantage as regular courses, that too in all streams.

  • Learn while working. As distance learning can usually be completed on your own schedule, it is much easier to complete distance learning courses while working than more traditional educational programs. Keeping your job gives you more income, experience and stability while completing your degree giving you less to worry about and more time to focus on your studies.
  • Numerous choices for Universities and Programs. Even if you live in a community with few or no colleges distance learning allows you to choose from a wide variety of schools to complete your education. You may find online schools that specialize in your particular field or one that can provide a great general education. Either way, your options for education will be greatly expanded.
  • Flexible Study Modes. With Face to Face mode courses, students can complete their course work from just about anywhere, provided there’s a computer and internet connection. This allows students to work when and where it is more convenient for them without having to squeeze in scheduled classes to an already busy life.
  • Remote education Taking a course face to face can be one way to cut down on costly gas or public transportation. Since students can often work from home to complete their class assignments, both time and money are saved in cutting out the trips to and from class. In a short time we are planning to deploy all the study material online that will help individuals to study from anywhere.
  • At par Fees Structures Prices for online courses are generally cheaper than their on-campus counterparts and you won’t have to worry about commuting, moving or getting meal plans on campus, some additional benefits to learning from home.

We, at VCMS, shall undertake a solemn journey together on the road of teaching learning to achieve our chosen goals. Our Institute is in the process of developing the necessary infrastructure, laboratories, library, workshop, computer center and other related facilities befitting a first rate institution. We are committed to provide resources to continue the process of developing the Institute in future to enable us to be proud of our alma mater. For converting its dream into a reality, the Management needs a well-managed, approved and dynamic affiliations and credibility, both in traditional education and professional education.

We have been careful in selecting our affiliation universities and I am glad to mention that we have a very able team of complete and supplementary education.

Vedanta College of Management and Sciences welcomes students for exciting professional studies and careers in management and technology including the traditional streams.

You are welcome for a new world experience and all enquires are welcome.

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